Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose your own adventure story!!!!!!!!!!

In my choose your own adventure story, you are a brave knight going on a dangerous quest to kill a dragon who is terrorizing the kingdom, and killing innocent people. On the way, you will run into dangerous obstacles that you must avoid.

Me and my partner, Edgar made the story on keynote. First, we put the words, then the buttons, then the um pictures.

Our Project turned out, um, differently then we imagined. That's all I'll say

I liked making the powerpoint, But I hated the planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was boring!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

inspiration interview

I have interviewed my mom, Jackie Davidson, and I asked her the questions What is the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you? What is the most successful thing you’ve ever done? When were you the happiest in your life? What did you do as a kid? What was your first job?  And what was your first pet?
            Her childhood was full of running with her friends, listening to music, driving around, and watching movies. She didn’t watch much tv, or play video games. Mostly she was outside and doing something more physical and less of just sitting there.
            She has experienced many happy moments. She once bought a winning lottery ticket. It was worth around three thousand dollars! She said her happiest moment was having her two kids me, Stetson, and my little brother, Levi.
            Some other facts about her is that her first job was working as a cashier at Casey’s General Store. Her first pet was a mixed breed dog named Cotton. Perhaps the most interesting, though is that her dad died when she was very young, and she was visited by his ghost later on!

            Jackie Davidson is a very interesting and inspirational person. She has done many very interesting and important things in her life that made her the way she is, and I’m glad it’s that way. She is a lucky, inspirational, happy, and successful person, and I’m glad she’s my mom

Thursday, April 2, 2015

travel report

You should go to new york city. It is a huge, wonderful city with many things to see and do. Just a few of the things to do in New York City is learn the history, where to go, and the architecture
The history of new york city is simple. There were native Americans called the Algonquian there. They lived peacefully until verrazzano was told by the king of france to explore the area. After verrazzano, there were more explorers, and after so much exploration and settling, New York City has become huge modern city.
There are many places to go in new york city. You could go to Greenwich village, the rockafeller center, or the most famous thing to do in New York City the statue of liberty.  Other places are the st patricks cathedral, the empire state building, and the united nations headquarters.
New York City is filled with many skyscrapers and taller buildings. In the 1930s, the Empire state building was finished, for many years, it was ranked the tallest building in the world. Many of the skyscrapers have glass walls. Some include the united Nations Secretariat Building, Lever house, and the Seagram Building.
 So there are reasons you should go to new york city. You could learn the history, go to interesting places, and the architecture. New York City is a very large and exciting place full of interesting things. I have only scraped the surface of what wonderful things there are to do in New York City.
I got the information from: The World Book encyclopedia for New York City by Michael Oreskes, America the beautiful New York by R. Conrad Stein and

Monday, December 8, 2014


Rain darkness lighting clouds are what you see
feel and taste rain
hear the booming loud sound of thunder


Anger is a flame
 the longer it stays the more gets destroyed
without water it will never go away


Christmas is  quite fun
you will get many cool get
time with family


Crazily runs around the house
Answers to the name of Zoe
Never stands still
In the car even
Not balanced at all
Eats food all the time