Friday, August 29, 2014


Eng7 Period3 Bedroom Writing

Here is my room. When you walk into my room the first thing you should see is my dresser. On my dresser is a big mess of things. Some of the things include Lego sets, Sonic toys, old ceramic animals painted by my aunt, and my favorite thing on my dresser is my original    Transformers G1 toy. It sits on my dresser out of harms way. The toy is in bad condition but it was given to me by my aunt, so I hold on to it. My dart board is in a corner in our room. There are lots of holes in the wall next to it on the wall from our misses. It is electronic, but we don't usually turn it on. It has a picture that I taped to it to hit.

Another thing you see is a bed. My bed says Nebraska on the front. On it I keep my bean bag, which I use as a pillow. On the bed is Tony Hawk sheets. I have 3 blankets. one is plain black, one is Angry Birds, and one is Cars. The small Cars one was given to me by my aunt, too. Near my bed is a T.V. it is on a stand sitting in my closet, which is missing the doors. The T.V. is unused for the most part. The only thing we use it for is to play our Xbox 360. We don’t own many games for it, so we don’t play it much, either. I am rich beyond measure. (=