Friday, October 31, 2014

improved nursery rhyme

Hey! diddle, diddle,
The furry cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped high over the moon;
The miniature dog laughed
 To see such sport,
And the dish  scurried away quickly with the spoon.

Ghost story

English 7
Ghost story

Do you believe in ghosts? no? Then move to O’Neill and your mind will change! When you first walk into the O’Neill high school, you would never guess anything was wrong, because the ghost of our school doesn't like to be seen. But after the second bell rings, and everyone is in a classroom, he will strike. That’s Lloyd, the school ghost.
On Halloween he was hit by a car. As you would imagine, getting hit by a car would cause damage to you, so Lloyd has many scars on his face. He wears a Halloween costume of a skeleton and a creepy mask. His hands are scraped and scarred, and you can tell he has a broken leg and wrist.
He will take homework and expensive objects out of your book bag when you have it in your locker. After school he will paint on walls and remove stop signs from outside. He will even break desks, chairs, drawers, printers,  and other expensive objects. He will make lots of noise to distract students during class, too. He does this all in secret though because he hates being seen, especially by teachers. Now we ask our parents to move because of this ghost, but they think we’re making it up, that is the only reason we put up with this very annoying ghost!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Hogwarts Feast

             Halloween Hogwarts Feast

As Harry and his friends walked into the Great Hall, they could smell all their favorite foods. They could see pumpkins, bats, and ghosts. They looked at the strange ceiling of the room and saw a dark sky with thunder and lightning. When they sat down, on their plates appeared chicken, potatoes, prime rib, steak, hot dogs, and other wonderful foods they enjoyed.
         They looked more at the scenery and saw black cats, broom races and games for entertainment. When Harry took a bite of the food he liked most of it, but the steak was horrible and burnt. Ron liked the potatoes, but Harry prefers his mashed potatoes lumpy. The hot dogs were delectable. They were there with an array of condiments. Harry used them all. When Harry finished his food, he was full. He could hear the moans of all the students so stuffed they could explode. Even Harry and Ron were full.
         Then the students smelled pumpkin pie, muffins, brownies, and ice cream, and they immediately shot up. Although Harry and Ron were full, they couldn’t resist eating all the desert. When they finished eating they enjoyed the scenery, games, and music in the background. When every one finished, all the people went to their class. The Halloween feast was a feast to be remembered.